Best Callrdio Eggs 6 Pieces

Best Callrdio Eggs 6 Pieces


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LOW CHOLESTEROL EGGS for a healthy heart

Worrying about the cholesterol in the eggs? Here is the relief. We have eggs with low cholesterol. The reduction in the amount of cholesterol is achieved through the modification in the feed formula and the feeding process.

The diet of the hen is modified with the addition of special natural nutrients and probiotics. This helps in reducing the cholesterol content in an egg. Cholesterol is lower when compared to normal eggs.


Our Best Cardio Eggs are low in cholesterol and best suited for healthy cardio functions. Most people say that eggs are having cholesterol content but our eggs have lower cholesterol content when compared with other normal eggs.

Our eggs are purely safe and healthy as we feed our hens with pure vegetarian diet. We care people for a healthy nutritious diet with our best egg products. Our Best Cardio can be taken by all age groups to maintain good heart health with best nutrient values.

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